A Glimpse

As they were running down the stairs, Elaine heard more gun shots and the sound of puncturing metal. “They’ve shot the plane!” she screamed. But gunshot wasn’t the only sound. There was another plane, and it was close; like on final approach close. She heard the splash down and the unmistakable sound of the engine slowing as it was approached the dock.

The last flight of stairs went quickly and they jumped to the dock, Jack fired shots at Slim as he was boarding the plane at the end. Jack continued his pursuit, firing until his magazine was empty. He didn’t have any more magazines.

He had taken cover by Elaine’s plane when she had caught up. She had taken a quick look and saw the damage. She drew her gun and continued after Kevin and Slim, Jack yelling for her to stop. She didn’t slow down until she saw the other plane come along side her, and its passengers; Kash and Leslie. She instinctively reached for her mother and cried, “No!” as the plane started to pull away.

A shot rang out, and another cry of No! came from the passing plane, as Leslie watched her daughter fallen by a shot and tumble into the frigid waters of El Capitan Passage. The red silk scarf she had been wearing, slipped out of the plane’s window and fluttered down to the waters below as the plane gathered speed and pulled up from the cove and headed off into the distance. It was followed by Kevin and Slim’s plane.

Jack ran and dove into the freezing water, searching for Elaine. He found her and dragged her to the surface. Side stroking his way to the ladder on the dock, he hoisted her over his shoulder, climbed the ladder and laid her down.

He quickly assessed her condition and began to staunch the bleeding in her shoulder. “Elaine? Elaine Rene, wake up!” he yelled, and to his relief she opened her eyes.

“I saw them,” she breathlessly uttered. “Tell me, I saw them?” she cried.

“We did,” he replied softly, pulling her into his arms. “We saw them,” he repeated, for more his benefit than hers.

She opened her eyes to him and chattered, “Satellite phone and blankets under the pilot’s seat.” It was all she could manage and Jack laid her gently down on the wet dock.

Before he stepped on the pontoon, he saw Leslie’s scarf wafting in the water. He plucked it up, squeezed out the excess water and stuffed it into his jacket. Rummaging under the pilot’s seat he located the blankets and phone. It didn’t take him long to strip her of her wet clothing and wrap her in the blankets, and call for help.

Elaine didn’t know and didn’t care who he called, but he reassured her help was on its way. She nodded and closed her eyes to quite possibly the best and worst day of her life.

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