The Broken Line


What do you really know about your parents?

“…Look, when you get this message, call me,” Elaine’s twin brother, Lane tersely instructed.

And before he could terminate the connection, she snatched up the receiver and greeted her younger brother. It had been a while since they last had spoken, and from that conversation she was hesitant to speak with him this time around. But he had mentioned their parents, and naturally she was curious. 

Missing? How could that be? Yes, her parents were as old as the relic they flew in, but her father was impeccable with his safety and his judgment when it came to flying. He had flown that exact route from Victoria, British Columbia to Angoon, Alaska in what seemed like a million times, and never had he had an incident or even a hint of something going wrong until now.

In The Broken Line, Elaine steps into Kash Bennett and Leslie Scott’s world of mystery and intrigue while retracing their steps and realizing that much of the existence she enjoyed as a child was a cover for a double life. Not unlike Alice falling through the proverbial rabbit hole where nothing is as it seems, Elaine realizes that her parent’s disappearance might be far more than a tragic accident and her own life may be more complicated than she ever thought possible; especially when she learns her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jack Phillips is in the family business as well.

Combining the journals she has found in her parent’s attic, Elaine follows the clues from as far back as 1947 China to the present day in trying to locate her parents. She blends new age technology with old world spy techniques to close the gap in finding Kash and Leslie and the mole they had been chasing for nearly six decades.